our history

We offer a diverse selection of products and innovative turnkey solutions for residential and commercial buildings, offices, industrial plants, ranging from metal structures including sheltering constructions, loading frameworks, towers, to facades, window and door systems of any material, size and type.

We know how to treat the materials to enhance their architectural characteristics and mechanical properties aiming to create original products and finishes, which embody the most refined taste and beauty of living.


We love to fulfil our Clients’ preferences by designing structures driven to functional perfection, starting from selecting the best raw materials and paying attention to details always focusing on the ease of use of the end product of our work.


Whether it may involve professional firms or private individuals, we always strive to gratify our Clients with the most appropriate level of research, design and consulting to employ the most suitable solution out of all new materials and innovations available on the market.


In order to satisfy our Customer demands, we have also learned to supply a certified and guaranteed production completed by flawless pre- and post-sales assistance services