superb cladding with TRESPA®

Today at ZEPI TECNOLOGIE we are proud to offer on top of our traditional metalworking production such a beautiful and innovative material.


Now you can fully express your creative genius without any constraints thanks to the use of TRESPA® materials, which are available in any imaginable colours. Blended in infinite combinations, they make the possibilities of your coating-style become virtually limitless.

Totally ecological as the material consists of high pressure processed wood fibres and laminates, it allows the creation of bright and colourful cladding surfaces also curved or on large sizes.

A clear competitive advantage over the application of composites.

The material is easy to clean, offers maximum resistance against expansion, weathering and bacteria, provides a permanent stability of the colour and its brightness.

Simply... a brilliant solution!

Finally it is worth for your money... it requires only light substructures allowing you to save on the initial investment as well as in the phase of its installation, which is also very simple.

With minimum maintenance requirements and 10 years of warranty from the Manufacturer, TRESPA® is the ideal product to meet all cladding needs both for your interiors and exteriors.