metal surfaces with custom pixel designed images

Among our most innovative products, an important role is played by MORADELLI® creations.

Today it is possible to customise any kind of sheets with drawings made from pixel-holes in any dimensions by cold punching to create logos, images or patterns, even on large cladding surfaces for exteriors and interiors.

Indulge in your creativity!

The most contemporary, even futuristic, motifs enhanced by the combination of different materials (i.e. smooth, embossed, stretched or twisted) will intensify the most beautiful plays of light, reflection and colours.

The micro-hole drilling, available even for slightly curved surfaces, gives us a brand new range of composition features simply unimaginable so far, also for very large sizes by putting more metal panels close together.

Ideal for façade cladding that aims to filter the light in the most original way with unique-customised screen panels...

From your company logo to your beloved picture, the artistic solutions now available to you are just endless.